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Hello, I hope your week has been good! A couple of weeks ago I managed to become owner of some amazing beauty buys that we can't get in the UK through my mum's friend (the air hostess that also kindly got me my Michael Kors Watch!). She also got me the most gorgeous purse from Fossil that is my new 'baby' and it will be featured soon in a Spring Haul post.

I know you're probably thinking the title is a bit sweeping, but I scoured through loads of reviews and recommendations so I really do think I've ended up with some of the best American products. If you have them, then lucky you, if not I'd recommend you getting them if you like what you see in the following pictures. Some of the products are available in the UK, but they're just cheaper from the US which is why they're featured! 

Walking on Eggshells Wet 'n' wild palette 
I took the opportunity to get this from the States even though you can get hold of it online in the UK but it worked out so cheap I thought I may as well include it. I love the colours in this and have been looking for a champagne/pink for ages, and this one is ideal. I also really like the fact it tells you where to put it. Eos Lipbalm in Honeysuckle Honeydew
I asked for an Eos lipbalm, which you can also get over here, but I couldn't make up my mind so I decided to just let my mum's friend choose. Plus it did work out to be just over £1 so it was another bargain! I love this already and is my go to night lip balm (yes I have one for each thing because I'm barmy crazy about lip balm (yes I decided to get rid of the pun!)). 

 Milani Easybrow Automatic pencil in Natural Taupe
Having been sadly disappointed with the orangeness of the MUA eyebrow pencil, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try another 'raved about' drugstore eyebrow pencil. I haven't used this much, but so far I'm loving it; the colour almost perfectly matches my hairs and the brush is super effective.

  Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
I think this was the product that I was most excited about, mainly because I'm always looking for a blush that is the ideal peach/pink and I hadn't found one... until now. I love this colour and the fact it's shimmery will be ideal for Spring/Summer; the fact it has a little brush in the underneath is so cool (I'm easily amused) and I adore the packaging.

Maybelline's The Falsies Mascara in black drama

The final beauty product is another that you can get in the UK, but it always seemed to be out of stock. Ironically my Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara ran out today, so I wore this and it hasn't fallen off or smudged and it does give a nice effect. I struggle to get any volume in my lashes and I found this mascara did really help, however I don't particularly like the fact that the wand bends so much, but the actual product itself is good so far!

Finally I got some Icebreakers Sours in Apple, Watermelon and Tangerine and Mixed berry, Strawberry and Cherry. I had never had these before, but I absolutely am converted. I'm gutted that I won't be able to have another one until Easter because I've given up Chocolate and sweets for lent (I will prove all my friends wrong that I can do this!)

If you want to see any of these products more thoroughly reviewed, tweet me (@becky_lee96) or comment either on here or on an instagram post (@becanablog). Have a great weekend! 

Let me know what you think about me choosing to post on set days (probably Monday and Friday)
Becky xx


  1. Oh, lucky you! The Wet n Wild eyeshadows are my most coveted item from the US pharmacies! Can't wait to try some. :D xx

  2. I know, I'm truly spoilt sometimes! They get so many positive reviews I needed to try one! Would recommend every single thing I have bought, so whatever you do try I think you'll be pleased xx


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