How to clean your make up brushes

I haven't really owned make up brushes before until I got my ones from Real Techniques for Christmas. I clean them about once a month (I know I should do it more) and I decided to show you how I do so! I've tested out several ways and read many blog posts, but this one is based on one of Michelle Phan's YouTube videos worked out the best... 

As you can see they were pretty gross... oops!


  1. Squirt some washing up liquid and olive oil to a bowl with ratio of about 2:1. (the oil stops the brushes drying out)
  2. Swirl the brushes around the liquid one at a time, then rub back and forth on your hand (this bit's pretty disgusting because you can see it all coming off onto your hand!!)
  3. Rinse them with warmish water (NOT HOT), being careful not to get too much on the handle, particularly if they're wooden.
  4. Place in a glass upright with the brush part pointing down and allow to dry.
  5. Ta Da! Beautifully clean brushes, I was so impressed by how soft and clean they were. 

Top tips

  •  I put mine in a ziploc bag to protect them from dust, though I have to admit I then put them on a towel in the morning to dry more as they were still damp, so I now just leave them in the glass.
  • Make sure to re-shape the brushes as best as you can before putting them in the glass to maintain their shape.

This is just my method, there are several different variations on this which all work well too! How do you clean your brushes?
Have a good week!

Becky xx


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