Trends I'm not sure about this season

So, as the fashion weeks are well under way for next season, I thought I'd review some beauty looks I'm not keen on for S/S14! ( see my fashion trends catch up here)!

Pastel is big thing everywhere this year: be it clothes, hair or make up. Despite being a massive fan of the shades,  these pastel lipsticks are not to my liking - I'm not sure what the green or the blue lipsticks would look like... I think I'd be brave enough to try the lilac and certainly the pink, but for outrageous coloured lips, I don't think I'll ever try that!

 Marc by Marc Jacobs
Colour block (particularly blue) eyeshadow is another big one, appearing on several runways for the season. I have to admit, blue eyeshadow just reminds me of dance shows; particularly as it is supposed to be bright and boldly applied. I love a pop of colour for the eye - I'm a big fan of blue eyeliner - but the entire eyelid, maybe not!

And finally the interesting take on the cat flick eyeliner, such as this one from Antony Vaccarello, which I'm not sure about. I have seen some that I like the look of, however most of them I feel look too 'showy' and may be a bit too much for everyday wear? 

I'm certainly looking forward to the fact more natural, glowing skin will be making a big appearance so you better grab your bronzer and get ready! 
Philip Lim featured glowing, healthy skin at their S/S show!

What beauty trends are you looking forward to this season? Have a good weekend!

Becky xx

(None of the photos are mine)


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