Review: Superdrug haircare

If, like me, you're always looking out for a bargain when it comes to haircare, I recommend you try the Superdrug "Style Expertise" range. I bought these last summer and have to admit, they're pretty good for £2.99 each.

The first product is the salt infusion surf spray, which you can buy here. I have quite heavy hair and giving it volume is always a difficulty, and the only time I'm happy with the  volume is after being in the sea. Salt sprays were appearing everywhere last year, but I didn't really want to spend £7 on a tiny bottle, which most of them seemed to be. I spray this to the ends of my hair and scrunch it up which leaves me with beach-like waves, however I find it doesnt really work on giving me texture/volume in my roots and the waves fall out after about a couple of hours. BUT for the price, I can't complain too much -  if you're looking for a decent, inexpensive salt spray I recommend this one!

The other one I bought was the protecting heat styling spray, which you can buy here. This one again is decent for the money you pay, and it's certainly better than nothing protecting your hair at all. I never used to really bother with protecting my hair as I barely ever styled it using heat, but during the LONG summer I had (thanks to study leave), I found myself experimenting more and therefore damaging my hair more. The spray isn't bad and it does do what it says on the tin, I don't really get on well with the pump though. With this, I definitely think you get what you paid for so if you want more protection I would suggest buying a more expensive one but if you just want a little something, in my opinion this one does the job. 

If you can't resist a bargain, there is an offer on at Superdrug at the moment, which means if you buy one of their hair products you get another one half price!

Have you tried out any of their hair products?

Becky xx


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