NUS cards: why every student NEEDS one

Here I am sitting in bed, feeling sorry for myself. Bored. Ill. Wanting to kill time because I'm not up to doing much homework. I get a text from a friend telling me she's so glad I suggested that she got an NUS card and how we should make the most of it by going out somewhere different to eat with friends other than Nandos. This inspires me to fully look into where you can get discounts and I have to admit I'm quite astounded at not only where, but how much. 

If you, like I am, are getting slightly bored of all the trips to Nandos (don't get me wrong, I do love a good Mango and lime chicken wrap) but don't really want to pay much more than £10, then you need to invest in one of these cards. With offers of 25% off Giraffe, Zizzi, ASK italian and a massive 40% off in Pizza Express, you'd be silly not to buy one.

If food savings haven't persuaded you, there are SO many different brands you can take advantage of. From fashion including Miss Selfridge, New Look, ASOS, Boohoo, Missguided, Jack Wills, Office and EVEN THE MULBERRY FACTORY SHOP (!!!) to places such as Superdrug, Amazon, 3 mobile, Lonely planet and cinema giants such as odeon and cineworld, you really shouldn't miss out. 

Having paid £12 for a year long card, I think I saved that within the first month and it is well worth it. As you can tell, I love a bargain, and this card helps make me even happier, whatever I may be buying.

It's so easy to buy online from here and there really is something for everyone!

Becky xx

If this still hasn't persuaded you,  take a look at all of the discounts here: 


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