New Look Wishlist (SS14)

Ah, if only I could afford to buy all of these gorgeous beauties. I'm currently saving to pay for driving lessons so I'm being good (although I did just have a spree on boohoo, oops!).

I went on the New Look website the other day and have noticed they're introducing their new items on the first page and was intrigued. Clicking around the site I realised I wanted quite a few A LOT,  so I thought I'd do a wishlist for you. 

I have to admit I love this purse just because of it's cute design! Plus it's only £3.99 

 I instantly fell in love with this necklace the minute I saw it. I've seen this in the stores quite a lot as well and each time my love is rekindled -  I'm not sure I should be talking about a piece of jewellery like this?! Pink woven necklace £9.99 

 This purse just sums me up and I just think it's a cute and girly coin purse. This may however hinder my shopping clamp down, although it is only £3.99! 

 Again, I instantly fell in love with this as soon as I saw it (I think I have a thing for statement necklaces!) and for only £5.99 I think this is perfect to liven up an outfit.
Another Coin purse I just really liked. I like the fact that every time you got your purse out, it would make you smile! What's more, this is one of my favourite phrases... what a great idea! Coin purse - £3.99

 Monochrome is still such a huge trend and one that I think just makes everything seem more sophisticated. This bag just ticks all the right boxes and I seriously an lusting after it, particularly as it is a bargain for £15.99.

I find different styles of flat shoes hard to find  and I get a bit bored just wearing  pumps or loafers almost everyday so when I saw these, I thought they were perfect to jazz up an outfit without having to wear heels. Again these are £15.99

Oops, another statement necklace made it in there. (I can't help myself!) This just caught my eye because of how different it is to standard necklaces and for a reasonable £7.99 I may have to go out and get this one!

 So maybe it's actually statement jewellery I love, because this cuff is super cool. I barely every wear any big bracelets, usually (like most teenagers I think) I stick to friendship style ones. But I would definitely want this as a staple for a night out as it only costs £5.99!

Having to wear shirts everyday for school is putting me off wearing them any other time of the week; however I think this one would make a great school/weekend piece because of the spots. At £14.99, what could go wrong?!

As New Look stock other brands as well as themselves, I thought it would be a good idea to look at some of these, however I was a little disappointed. The only thing that grabbed me was this gorgeous Cameo Rose daisy print dress, and what a find it was because it not only would look great, but the price isn't bad either (£19.99)

Finally the last piece I picked out, and I have to admit probably my favourite is this bag; typically it is the most expensive at £24.99 (it's always the way). I don't know exactly what I love about this bag, I think it's just everything but one things for sure, hopefully I be able to get this beauty, because I'm not sure I could live without it! 

Overall, it added up to over £133 but with the NUS discount that I get (see my post about it here) it was £120; therefore obviously I can't have everything without being totally and utterly reckless! I hope to get some of these if I can - if I do I'll probably put them on my instagram (@becanablog).

Becky xx

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