January Favourites

As January draws to an end (how?!), I decided to do a favourites post. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but here are my January favourites!

First up is this scarf from ZARA that I got for Christmas from a family friend; the number of compliments about this scarf is crazy (not only that, but it may have gained me work experience for a tailor that used to work on Savile Row!!). I can't believe how much it is loved! I'm not sure how much it cost on the website, but they have a similar one here; although the price may be a bit extreme, I assure this is the warmest, snuggliest piece of clothing I own (plus it's so big, I use it as a blanket!).

Next is the Collection "Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner" in purple. I have owned this for quite a while (as you can see from the worn down packaging!) and had completely forgotten about it; I don't know why though because it is amazing. I wouldn't say it lasts 24 hours with a dramatic effect, but it still gives a defined look for the whole day - I quite like the faded look as the hours go on as you can increasingly tell it is purple and not black!

L'oreal Super dust This product is a miracle worker - my hair is relatively heavy even though it isn't particularly long and so volume falls out of it quite quickly. This powder, originally my brother's, has made my roots have some "oomph", finishing off hairstyles perfectly. I now have more volume for ponytails, half up half downs and just your regular hair style; it just makes "boring" more eye catching! The only down side to this is how sticky it makes my hair feel, but I can put up with that to have bouncy hair.

Finally are the samples of DECLÉOR skincare my Mum somehow acquired. I jumped at the chance for trying these as she didn't want them, and I have to say I like the products, particularly the toner. The cleanser is lovely to use and takes off my make up well, my only issue is, because it's more cream like, I feel it's almost "heavy" in comparison to my lush cleanser (mentioned in my 2013 favourites here). The moisturiser I don't particularly like as again, it felt too heavy on my skin, which makes me wonder whether it is more targeted for "older" skin; however the toner is a marvellous creation. It removes any trace of make up, gently exfoliates the skin and just gives me wonderful feeling skin! I have the aroma cleanser, toner and the hydra flora moisturiser.

Happy February everyone!

Becky xx


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