Current favourites: Jewellery

If you personally know me, you may well be aware I've recently become addicted to Pandora and Estella Bartlett for when it comes to Jewellery so I thought I'd do a post of what I'm loving, what I may get in the future and some of the bargains I've managed to bag recently! 

For my birthday in October I got my first pair of Pandora earrings: these gorgeous cherry blossom ones ( I have an obsession with this flower anyway!)

I then bought myself the matching ring with some of my birthday money, which I love to pieces and wear almost everyday.

I also got the heart band ring for Christmas as I wanted to start a stacking collection: the website is really fun to play around with if you are bored have the time!

They're not too badly priced at £35 each and I hope to get the pendant below to fully match everything! (There is also a charm but as I don't have a bracelet, I don't think there's much point getting it!!)

As well as pandora I've been loving Estella Bartlett as well, which is sold in the shop I work in, but is also available in John Lewis. 

The things from them I have at the moment are the botanica feather, rose gold anchor, the snowflake (another Christmas present!) and the gold star earrings. These are slightly less expensive in comparison to Pandora as they're only gold/silver played but I absolutely adore the designs.

As I don't particularly like the valentines collection from Pandora, but still want to expand my ring collection, I think I'm going to invest in the  heart ring from the Estella Bartlett range. I also really love this rose gold  bow necklace.

Finally, I can't do a post about jewellery without mentioning my Michael Kors watch, which is pretty much the love of my life at the moment. I adore it to pieces and I can't imagine not wearing a watch now; how did I do it before?
Hope you've had a good weekend!

Becky xx
Only the photo of the watch was taken by me: I do not own any of the other images.


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