2013 favourites

As the Christmas holidays draw to an end and we are settling into 2014, I have decided to look back at a few things (albeit mainly beauty products) I have loved from 2013. 

Lush's 9To5 cleanser

I have to admit I've never really had a definite skin routine but having used this cleanser it has totally changed my skin. This has made my skin much cleaner, I've had far less major break outs and (an added bonus) it takes my make up off really efficiently! 

MUA pallette 

Before my prom last summer I was in desperate need of an eye shadow palette that wouldn't break the bank but had great lasting power. I have the MUA palette in "Undress Me Too" and it is almost an exact Naked 2 palette dupe; I read some reviews of this and they all are true. This palette has great pigmentation, lasting power and has good colours - my only issue is that the brush that it came with wasn't the best quality.

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation

This foundation was recommended to me by a friend and I honestly have to admit, as my first proper liquid foundation, I really like it. It's not cakey, gives good coverage and really does give me an 'I'm awake' look. I usually would powder over it in order to make it last the whole day but I am glad I got the recommendation as I now love this product. 

Collection 2000 concealer

I love this concealer and it has been truly adored, hence why I'm not showing the side of it as all of the writing has come off. The applicator is just like a lipgloss and it's so easy to use. The coverage of this is again really excellent, though I do need to powder over the area specifically as it does start to come off, although I have to admit I can't wait to repurchase this!

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick

Thanks to a couple of my friends, I got this lipstick as part of my birthday present last year. I have the lipstick in 101 tempting lilac which is a nude pink colour. The best thing about this is the fact it is super moisturising, which I usually find is a rarity with lipsticks as they usually dry my lips out. It has really good lasting power, although if wore this for more than 4 hours, my lips do get a bit patchy (but that's just me being picky!)

Frozen - Disney Film

For sure this is my new favourite film, which my friend and I are absolutely obsessed with. The songs are so catchy, the storyline is so good but most of all I love some of the outfits within it! This is my plea to you to go and see it, it's such a great film.


So I thought it'd be a good idea to feature my favourite holiday, and although I also went to South Africa with my family (which was absolutely amazing!), I enjoyed Mongolia so much. The people that I went with were so lovely, super supportive and just a right laugh. I recommend it to anyone to go on a "holiday" that challenges you (6 day horse trek and 3 day camel trek), where you're independent from your parents, you want to know more about other cultures (Mongolia is very interesting) and most of all you know will give you one of  the best experiences ever.

What were your 2013 favourites?

Becky xx

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