Christmas Jumpers: The debate

Festive favourite or Christmas calamity?

I myself have only recently seen the appeal of a Christmas jumper again, as for the past few years I have enjoyed not having to wear a silly jumper that involves a reindeer with a light up nose or an overly embellished snowman!

Christmas is always an excuse for outrageous knitwear, take Bridget Jones as an example, but does anyone truly know where the line is between being festive or too far?

Embracing the Christmas spirit is certainly important in my opinion, but not everyone has to do so by wearing something they don't want to: I have found some lovely jumpers that can make you seem festive but are not too out there, so take your pick!

This weekend I have certainly started to feel Christmassy as the tree finally went up! I can't wait for this last week of school to be over so then it truly will be time to get festive...

Becky xx

P.S what do you think about Christmas jumpers? :)


  1. I'm partial to a Christmas jumper and I started a tradition whereby I try and find the most hideous one I possibly can and make my boyfriend wear it Xmas Day! He hates it ;-) xx


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