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A Weekend In... New York

Oh hey there... Long time, no see! It's been - as always - far more manic than anticipated and thus the time (and the motivation if I'm being truly honest) for blogging has been minimal. But here we are, a brand new post - and an exciting one at that! Back in October, my friend Jess and I spontaneously decided that we should go to New York one weekend in November, and it just so happened that we planned our trip for Thanksgiving weekend (which was actually more of a blessing than I thought). I've been to New York before but Jess was a 'Big Apple' virgin, so I was excited to show her some of my favourite places but also to try new things that I hadn't managed to fit in when I went with my family back in 2015. Here's a rundown of what we got up to during our 3.5 days in NYC and what I'd definitely recommend you doing and what you could skip if you're limited on time...

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